Screen Door Porch

Date: Friday, June 30 2017

Soulful Americana

Time: 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM

Every setting has a resonance, an energy that vibrates through the streets and whistles in the trees. The groundswell in Wyoming is being propagated by SCREEN DOOR PORCH, casting an artful sound with lyrical purpose that nods to Roots-Rock, Soulful Americana and vintage Country-Blues akin to “Stevie Nicks meets The Band, with Jeff Tweedy and Bonnie Raitt hanging out backstage” (605 Magazine). It's grooving, electrified porch music adorned with the soulful pipes of Seadar Rose and propped-up by Aaron Davis's gritty slide guitar, quirky banjo pickin' and an infectious rollercoaster of a live show. The core songwriting/multi-instrumentalist pair evoke a downhome vibe with rustic harmonies and “a sort of Lennon/McCartney arrangement and get it right every time” (Americana UK), yet the rawness of their acoustic heroes and the electric spirit of late ‘60s/‘70s rock and roll shine through. Come out and see why the New York Times said this Quartet—also featuring drummer/vocalist Andy Peterson and bassist David Bundy—has “gumption”! Screen Door Porch has transformed roots music into something much larger...a down home goodtime vibe...sonic hypnosis has set in and Screen Door Porch seem like the only place to live." (Bently’s Bandstand Best Releases, March 2015) “Screen Door Porch lends an easy Western flair to their more prominent native influences of North Carolina and Kentucky, a combination that goes down as smoothly.