Jackson Hole was named National Geographic’s 2017 World Legacy Award Finalist

Jackson Hole was named National Geographic’s 2017 World Legacy Award Finalist

National Geographic's 2017 World Legacy Awards, honors the companies, organizations, and destinations that are leading the way in sustainable tourism and practices.

A History of Sustainability

This destination's history of leadership began with the creation of the world's first national park, Yellowstone, in 1872 and has expanded to protect more than 97 percent of area lands and rivers. Together, the Foundation and Chamber of Commerce empower a robust community of motivated, interdependent public and private stakeholders to sustain environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic vitality through strong policies; information resources and reporting; training; technical and financial assistance programs; and networking opportunities.

Strategic initiatives have resulted in a land use plan for sustainability and ecotourism; an open space resolution ensuring protection of 25,000 acres of conservation easements; a comprehensive county plan prioritizing wildlife protection; educational materials and a Sustainability Code of Conduct for visitors; and a wide range of festivals celebrating local history and heritage, the arts, western and Native American culture, ecology, and wildlife.

To unify the area's diverse sustainable activities, the Jackson Hole and Yellowstone Sustainable Destination Program was established to maximize the effectiveness of all efforts to advance, protect, and preserve a treasured environment that inspires four million visitors each year.

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