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LeeLee Robert

Date: Thursday, May 30 2019

Cowgirl Jazz Dance Band

Time: 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM

This five-piece original Cowgirl Jazz Dance Band combine over 230 years of showroom-stopping,  two-step twirling, cowboy-boot bending, swingtime-stomping, dance and cowboy music between them.  The focus of the night will be award-winning singer/songwriter LeeLee Robert’s newest CD, “Swing Set.” LeeLee says, “This CD is my best effort yet! If you don’t have more fun than putting socks on a rooster dancing to this music – I will personally give you my new CD for free!” 

LeeLee was nominated for Best Female Western Vocalist by the Pro Cowboy Country Artist Association and her CD, “Jewel of the West,” was voted Best Western Album of the Year by The Academy of Western Artists.  She’s known for her “Cowgirl Jazz” style of music that she says is a natural outcome of playing western, swing jazz and blues music professionally for decades. “Sultry, dynamic, and original” have been words used to describe this award-winning vocalist and guitarist.

Kathy (fiddle) and Dave (bass) moved to Jackson WY in 1987 and have been playing Western, Celtic and Bluegrass music ever since.  They played in the very last band to play in the old show room of the Wort in the Deadly Ernest Band.  Then Dave played in the very first band to play in the new showroom: Bootleg Flyer. They’ve performed there in between for 20+years with all kinds of aliases including Davy Gravy & the Biscuits, The Cow Patsys, Bluegrass Bandits and of course, Slip 'n the Jigs to name a few. 

Keith McCoy (lead guitar), is a founding member of Three Rivers Rock-N-Country Band. He is also a builder and Founder of Real McCoy Guitars.  He is getting ready to bring his electric guitars and bass’s to market.

Michael Calabrese (drums) is a jazz drummer, guitarist and vocalist. Mike, Dave and Kathy founded a Western Swing and Country Band called Prairie Moon in the early 90’s. He currently plays regularly with Pam Phillips at The Lounge at the Granary Restaurant at Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson.