Wort Hotel & Cowboy Bar pledge $50,000 to Veterans Memorial

Wort Hotel & Cowboy Bar pledge $50,000 to Veterans Memorial

On Wednesday afternoon parent company Silver Dollar Inc. President and GM, Jim Waldrop met with Veteran’s Memorial Committee members to confirm a pledge from The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and The Wort Hotel of $50,000

This pledge provides significant progress towards the reconstruction of the Veteran’s Memorial in the center of Jackson’s Town Square. Waldrop added, “This community has been very good to us and we simply want to give back. Honoring our local veterans is very important to our community and our country, we are proud to support their legacy.”

The project is spearheaded by American Legion Post 43 and their Fundraising Committee consisting of veterans and distinguished citizens Bruce Hawtin, Ed Liebzeit and T.R. Pierce, we thank them for their service. Bruce Hawtin added, “We are amazed by the generosity of this community and this gift personifies that by honoring our deserved veterans, thank you Wort Hotel and Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.”

The Veteran’s Memorial is scheduled to be unveiled in Jackson's Town Square on Memorial Day, May 25, 2020.

The proposed monument.