Lazy Eyes

Date: Friday, October 29 2021

Party Rock

Time: 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM

Lazy Eyes are an underground basement rock band. It is a 7 piece band with a big sound playing mostly rock and roll covers. Their set lists are diverse and will keep you guessing what's coming next. Classic Rock, Punk, Hip Hop, Blues and Metal are intertwined into their set lists that flow like an avalanche of sound. They have 2 original songs that have catchy lyrics and funky up beat rhythm. You wont hear any bluegrass or jazz at a Lazy Eye Show, but you will move your body to the fast paced sounds. They are not experienced or professionally trained musicians, however the Lazy Eyes will play with a lot of energy and will keep the dance floor rocking'. After all, their motto is "Stay Lazy". They are building a strong following in the Jackson area, and will be playing several gigs in Jackson this winter. Don't miss the chance to see the newest Rock Band in town. They may be sloppy, but they sure are Lazy!