Bluegrass Tuesdays and One Ton Pig

Bluegrass Tuesdays and One Ton Pig

Bringing locals and visitors together on the dance floor for over 10 years!

Hard Luck Troubadours

For more than 10 years the band, One Ton Pig, has been bringing locals and visitors together on the dance floor! These six local musicians describe their music as a combination of hard luck singer-songwriters like Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Steve Earle with the dazzling musicality and imaginative genre-bending of jam band musicians that blur the lines between folk, country, jazz, gospel, bluegrass, and rock ’n’ roll.

One Ton Pig is Michael Batdorf, guitar, vocals, main songwriter; Tim Farris, mandolin, vocals, co-songwriter; Justin Smith, guitar, vocals, co-songwriter; Matt Herron, violin; Marty Camino, bass; and Jason Baggett, drums. This hugely popular band might not have ever happened without the help of The Wort Hotel’s General Manager Jim Waldrop.

Put Your Dancing Boots On

It was Jim who brought together these individual musicians he knew from various Jackson Hole bands to create The Silver Dollar’s house band for Bluegrass Tuesdays. On any Tuesday night you’ll see a variety of folks on the dance floor: from hippie chicks dancing with cowboys to couples who have been dancing together for so long their moves are something to be admired. Novices are welcome - there are plenty of dancers, men and women, who are happy to teach western swing.  Click here to read the Jackson Hole News and Guide's article on this music institution.

The Silver Dollar Showroom is Jackson Hole’s premier music venue and the perfect setting for this music and revelry. In the summer, giant windows open onto to Broadway, spilling music onto the street while letting mild breezes enter. This intimate setting allows dancing just in front of the stage and just beyond the dance floor are bar tables and a bar. The Silver Dollar Bar blends into the Showroom and offers more tables and a bar.

Bluegrass Tuesdays and Music Every Weekend

Bluegrass Tuesdays are popular any time of the year and it’s a good idea to get there early to get a table. Check out our music schedule here to see all upcoming events at The Silver Dollar Showroom.