4 Must-Do Activities for Seniors in Jackson Hole This Summer

4 Must-Do Activities for Seniors in Jackson Hole This Summer

If you are planning a trip to Jackson Hole, you won’t be disappointed with all that this incredible place has to offer.

Jackson Hole is known for its gorgeous and entertaining outdoor activities and views. While there are many rugged and adventurous activities to try, if you’re a senior and looking for a more relaxed pace or low-key experience, there are plenty of options.

Whether a senior is in fantastic shape, uses an in-home care service, or is healthy and simply needs a little extra help getting around, it's important that he or she has excursion options while visiting Jackson Hole. Here are some fun activities for seniors to enjoy in Jackson Hole this summer.


1. Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a great activity for seniors that enjoy spending time on the water. Fly fishing doesn’t require too much moving and seniors with all different abilities can participate in this entertaining pastime. Fly fishing allows seniors to spend time on the water and gives them the chance to experience all Jackson Hole has to offer.

Seniors can fly fish with a guide, or if they are experienced boaters, they can rent a boat to fly fish on their own. Fly fishing is easy to learn and is an activity that younger family members and friends can join in on too.


2. Take a Scenic Flight

As seniors may not be able to hike and bike through Jackson Hole’s beautiful landscapes, that doesn't mean that they can’t enjoy the view. Seniors can take a scenic flight over Jackson Hole and see the spectacular view from 12,000 feet in the air. Scenic flights are a great option for seniors that want to take an adventure but may not physically be able to.

Scenic flights are a unique excursion for tourists and will provide people with views that they will never forget. Like fly fishing, this is another exciting activity that people of all ages can partake in and have fun doing this summer. Whether a senior is traveling with a spouse, children, grandchildren, or even alone, a scenic flight is an excursion worth trying.


3. Make Your Trip Educational

Jackson Hole is full of history as well as interesting stories that will leave visitors intrigued. Seniors can learn about Jackson Hole by visiting museums and going on tours of historical sites and parks. Some historical attractions that are popular for the elderly include:

Seniors will be sure to learn something new about Jackson Hole and will have fun doing so.


4. See Live Music

The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is internationally famous for its western dancing and live entertainment. Some of the finest entertainers in the country western scene have been known to take the stage here, including Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams Jr., Asleep at the Wheel, Hoyt Axton, Glen Campbell, Tanya Tucker, Willie Nelson, Commander Cody, and the James Cotton Blues Band. Nowadays, The Cowboy provides live music and continues to feature local and nationally recognized bands.

The Silver Dollar Bar features local and regional bands. We do not accept reservations for live music, it is first come, first serve. The Silver Dollar Showroom is Jackson's premier downtown music venue. Four times a year, The Silver Dollar Showroom in the Silver Dollar Bar provides a unique offering for music lovers by hosting a note-worthy singer-songwriter for a special performance. Not only will you get to hear an acoustic performance but the singer-songwriter will also share the stories behind the songs and their life journey. These Showroom Sessions include a wine reception and meet and greet followed by a set dinner menu and the show.


Make the Most of Your Summer Trip

If you are planning to visit Jackson Hole this summer, make the most of your trip. Additionally, if you are a senior, it’s important that you do proper research in order to find activities that you are capable of doing and activities that you want to do. Jackson Hole is an outstanding place to visit, be sure to get the most out of it.