Hoot Mondays

Hoot Mondays

The Silver Dollar Showroom will host the legendary Hootenanny every Monday this winter.

For nearly 30 years the Jackson Hole Hootenanny has circled up most every Monday at Dornan’s in Moose. However, because of staffing issues at Dornan’s the Hoot has relocated to the Silver Dollar Showroom for the winter of 21-22.

What exactly is a “Hootenanny?” Well, originally it was an Appalachian colloquialism which, in the 1960s morphed into an informal gathering with folk music. In the good ol’ days, Bill Briggs brought his music to friends and folkies under the bridge at Moose, starting the legendary Teton Tea Party. The tradition continued in ­­­­1993 when Bill and Dick Barker revived the music, starting the Jackson Hole Hootenanny.

Over the years “The Hoot” has hosted local musicians and out of town drop-ins like John Denver, Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, Peter Rowan and Chuck Pyle in an atmosphere of congeniality. Differing from open mike venues, the emphasis is on traditional acoustic music. No amplification is allowed other than two microphones. Often, musicians join together in spur-of the-moment groups. Each musician is asked to play at least one traditional song before singing his own composition.

The Hoot has seen mike-shy folks blossom into fine musicians and song writers such as Pete & Anne Sibley and Eric Stone, Hoot members who have attained national careers. As younger musicians augment the old-timers, the Hoot is assured of providing a warm and inviting venue for live traditional acoustic music, now and in the future.

Not much has changed with the structure. Sessions will start at 6 p.m. each Monday, many of the same folks will take the stage for a couple of tunes. Many of the shows will also be featured on Silver Dollar TV, so even those fans from far away can tune in for free to watch.